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Strategize, Specify & Optimize Your Niche In The Human Entomophagy Market

With one-third of consumers choosing to actively reduce their meat and dairy consumption and seeking protein substitutes driven by health and environmental concerns, it is no wonder the use of insects as an alternative protein source has seen growing interest from consumers and food and beverage manufacturers alike. With over 2000 edible insects, each touting their own set of nutritional and environmental benefits, a plethora of start-ups are launching into the sector, with investors and retailers taking note. 

The Edible Insect Innovation Summit will bring together key decision-makers from insect producers, CPG brands, and food tech companies to explore key challenges and opportunities in the successful commercialization of insect-based proteins for human consumption, and showcase novel technological advances to increase the scalability of insects as an alternative protein source. 

Whether you have an insect-based product offering or are looking to launch into the growing edible insect space, this virtual event will equip you with the information and partnerships to succeed, as consumer demand continues to shift towards alternative, sustainable protein sources. View the full event guide to learn more.

Meet The Entomophagy Experts