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Digital Edible Insects Innovation Summit - Where Pioneers In Entomophagy Meet

In recent years, the increase in alternative protein sources and movement away from meat and dairy has been transformative. Yet, at the same time, the environmental and nutritional concerns towards plant based proteins with monoclonal agriculture and their pesticide use begs for other alternatives to come forward. Who is ready to market and scale? 

Bringing together companies such as Jimini’s, Entomo Farms, Crické, Entosense and Don Bugito, the Digital Edible Insects Innovation Summit will address the current issues in reaching the consumer, honing in on your market space and prepares you for the future with foresight into scalability and a range of networking and discussion forums to build lasting connections. 

Don’t miss out in the most important conversation in entomophagy. Whether you farm insects, sell products to the consumer or haven’t yet considered insect proteins in your food, this event covers all aspects of the value chain with panels discussing:  

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Consumer Insights: What is the Market Really Saying?

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Taste, Nutrition & Sustainability – What Does the Consumer Prioritize?

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What Retailers Are Looking For: Getting Your Product Into Stores 

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A Founders Perspective: Product Development Case Studies & Lessons Learnt

Incorporating Insects: Scaling & Manufacturing  

Explore your 2-day digital event: