Bastien Rabastens

Bastien Rabastens

Company: Jimini’s

Job title: Co-Founder


A Founders Perspective: Becoming a Multinational Brand 10:15 am

A group of leading brand founders share their tips and lessons learnt in a series of quick-fire sessions followed by an in-depth open forum exploring: • EU vs USA: How to navigate the differences in regulatory landscapes and grow your brand image • The sustainability paradox: Navigating the issues of global insect sourcing vs locally…Read more

day: Day Two

Navigating Current Regulation and Distribution Guidelines 9:45 am

Describing the import, export and selling of insects through the EU. Uncover key insights regarding the best methods for distribution and future changes in regulation to inform your future strategies Be heard with a 15-minute Q&A where you can clarify understanding and raise your regulation concernsRead more

day: Day Two

A Founders Perspective: Product Development Case Studies & Lessons Learnt 6:45 am

A group of leading brand founders share their insect product development journeys in a series of quick-fire sessions followed by an in-depth panel discussion exploring: • Sourcing bugs 101: How to best find and develop business relationships with legitimate insect farms • Which insect to choose: Determining which insect is right for your products’ needs…Read more

day: Day Two

10:15 am What Retailers are Looking for: Getting Your Product into Stores 10:15 am

Ensure that you are correctly considering the right distribution partner to reach your audience. Speaking their language: Learn how to talk to a retailer and pitch your product to match their needs, priorities and consumer base. Insects on and off the web: Learn how to ensure your product can be found online, in stores or…Read more

day: Day One

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